Environmentally friendly, quiet and SUPER COOL

Rent an e-Chopper and explore the beautiful surroundings. With an electric and silent E-Chopper you steer relaxed through the meadows and visit the special places in the region in an environmentally friendly way.

You can ride an E-Chopper without a helmet but with a valid driver’s license. You are also allowed on cycle paths where mopeds are prohibited.

You can choose from the following options:

– An e-Choppertour for 3 hours (range 55 KM) is € 37.50 (*)

– An E-Chopper tour for the whole day is € 59,- (*) (range 55 KM)

If you want to visit a place of interest or take a long break, this can be a good choice as long as the maximum range is not exceeded!

– At least 2 e-Choppers (rent only pieces only in consultation)

– The deposit for an E-Chopper is € 100,-

Any other wishes in consultation.

(*) ex service costs

Are you with a group? Then you can also combine the E-chopper with other fun activities such as an escape room, a dinner in one of the restaurants at the Sluis, a visit to a mill or a museum. It’s all possible with the E-chopper!
Note: to rent an e-chopper you need a scooter certificate (AM). You will automatically receive this with your driving license (B).

Soon our Duos will be driving and you can also take your children with you. The passenger must be able to sit independently on the back of a Chopper and have access to the footrests, we do not have separate child seats available.

Ideal for a company outing or group of friends

What could be more fun than a company outing or with your friends on the road with E-Choppers? No hassle, Corona Proof and excellent to combine with a dinner at a fun or playful location, on the road or after the ride. ChopperRent Leidschendam is located near the Leidschendamse Sluis with various catering establishments where you can finish an E-tour. Contact us and we will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.

Gift a ride

Looking for a nice gift idea?
Then you have found it because our ChopperRent Gift Card is highly recommended.
You can give it for any amount. Contact us if you want to know more about this.

Discover the cities of The Hague, Delft, or Leiden with an Electric Chopper or how about a Chopper ride past the Wassenaar Villas and then to Scheveningen. But the Green Heart is also easy to visit with an E-Chopper, because Leidschendam is the ideal base for a fun ride with one of our electric scooters.

E- Chopper Den Haag – E-Chopper Scheveningen – E-Chopper Leidschendam – E-Chopper Delft – E- Chopper Leiden – E- Chopper Zoetermeer 
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